Horrible Sound

by Daphne Loves Derby



Verse 1
Every time the lights go off in this home
I can hear the songs of ghosts flow through the wall
And it’s easy to see that I’m never afraid
and I don’t need anyone to stop the flow of fear through my veins

But the truth is that I hold my breath and sleep
I know that I am far to weak to keep these teeth and hands from shaking
I’ve become a coward in his sheets
A broken windowsill is all that keeps my soul from soaring

Pre chorus 1
Please just give one minute
So I can prove to you that I’m not crazy
I’ve been dreaming for so long
It’s a shame to waste this fear of closing patterns down

Chorus 1
Can’t start to change who we are
Even though we’ve come so far
We’ll break the light so no one has to know

Breathe deep and let is hurt
Take it in for all it’s worth
Cause’ it will all be gone before we know it

Verse 2
The beauty of this night is haunting me inside
Watch me as I drown in this horrible sound
A momentary breath is held as I step back
To make sure my heart is still beating strong

There’s a secret in the air, that whispers in my ear
A story bound to last much longer than 18 years
There’s nothing I can do, but hold my breath and drown In this horrible sound

There’s nothing I can do, but hold my breath and drown...


released June 24, 2016
Vocals & Lyrics = Kenny Choi & Jason Call
Guitar = Kenny Choi
Bass = Jason Call
Drums and Percussion = Stuart Clay
Mixed by Casey Bates



all rights reserved


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