Mariner (LP1)

by Jason Call



I have been working on this album for the past 13 years (if you count writing Kent Loves Gig Harbor when I was 15).

So grateful I am, for the support I have received over the years. I was incredibly lucky to follow my dream, and to be successful, as a professional musician.

Eight years ago today, I started my journey to serve the people of Peru for two years. Many of these songs capture what it was like to walk away from the life I knew, and start over new.

Traveling the world and meeting you all has been amazing and I know my success would not be possible without you.

Thank you so much, I love you all!


released March 20, 2015

All music by Jason Call
Lyrics written by Jason Call, Steven Biringer, & Mindy Gledhill
Mixed & recorded by Jason Call (tracks 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,12) & Scott Wiley (tracks 10 & 13)
Album mastered by Bradly Miranda
Guest vocals by Chrissi Call, Anson Call, Jeremy Call, & Steven Biringer
Organ by Sam Cardon - track 10 & 13
Drumming by Todd Sorenson - track 10 & 13
Strings by Jordan Maucotel, Jaena Maucotel, & Jarrod Call
Album image credit: Kim A. Thomas & Eric Bowley


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Jason Call Seattle, Washington

Hello, I'm Jason. Ex Bassist of Daphne Loves Derby!


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Track Name: Mariner
There is a point
Late in the night
Where I just can help but think
How can brave
Such ghostly seas
With just stars to guide the way
Track Name: Avion
When I think of all I have
I can't believe as I look back
Its been so hard to get to where I truly can feel free
But I'm starting to see change and I believe

And now I can begin
To show my gratitude
I wanted you to know how much
I love you

Staring out this window
As this plane takes me away
I hope you know
That you were my best friend.
And it's always hard to leave you
I won't focus on the past
Cause for now. I want to give my
Life away.

I've been blessed and given much
I can not bear to hide this love
Sometimes it hurts so much
To think of what I've given up
But you've taken all of my pain away

And now I can begin
To show my gratitude
I wanted you to know how much
I love you

No time to rest
I won't sit down
Until I can give my all!
And when the sun
Comes crashing down
They'll know I stood
Strong and tall
Track Name: Say Hello!
I was on my way
But you came inside
And you opened up my eyes to see
A world I couldn't find

Not another day
The darkness from within
Has all vanished in the night at last
We are victors once again

Late last night it was decided
Can't turn back now we have started
To make sense of all these inconsistencies
All at once the shadows vanish
I've searched for truth
You've always had it
Now walk out that door
And say hello

Every single star
Numbered in the sky
Can't recall a time I've felt as small
As I did that starry night
But we've grown since then
With each passing year
There no point to shy away from you
No need to hide in fear
Track Name: Adele Dazeem
Slow down
Was it something I just said?
You've been casting looks at me
Ever since this night began
Can't speak
No, we couldn't do that
I've been counting every chance
I know I won't get back

And the worst part that we know
We've all played this game before
But I don't mind as long as it's with you

Can't turn back
I'm all in
Tonight's the night
It all begins

Not just yet
We we don't know
There's so much
Lleft unknown

Why play games
Can’t you see
The nights still young
Don’t leave me

Why the rush
Take it slow
If it’s right
We’ll both know

Once more
I've lost much more than was gained
I need these sparks to someday grow and warm us with their flame
Hold on
I know something's coming soon
Your smile finally tells me that your here to see things though

Things look bleak
Was this night a waste?
Might give up
Wait, You’re coming over!
Track Name: Exploding Lights
Lately I've been thinking of the stars up in the sky
All the old ones fall and new ones come to take their place in line
And sometimes I forget that I'm smaller than the world
But a dying star can bring new life, remind you who you are.

Waves will crash
I've sunk in oceans like a stone
The sun will dry my veins

You once knew
More than my name
You spoke to me
And I felt safe in the clouded night,
Where we both sat still and watched exploding lights in the distance,
You said you'd be right there

And strangely I've been finding there's not much more than you
But at times its hard see your eyes, forgot all we've been through
And ever since last winter I've dreamt more than I've lived
So I'll say a prayer and wish you here, someday I'll start again
Track Name: The Love We Lost
Love, I've been fighting sleep
Chasing the ghosts from this place I keep
I know it's dark, and the night seems long
But I promise that we will see the sun

And it will shine
Burn all the pain away from us
I believe it will fill us with the love we lost

The love we lost

I am the one who gave it all
Went straight through your skin
And into your soul
I'm asking now,
How could you forget
The time we spent
Or are we stuck here in the dark

Remember nights
We drove so far
Past all the lights, parked in your car
Let down your guard
You're safe with me
I know it's dark
But I'll help you to see
And Shine

I don't speak your language anymore
How could I have been so foolish
Thinking you could get me through this
I don't speak your language anymore
Track Name: Terremoto
I've walked these roads for the longest time
They've led me into paths so far and wide
And each time I start to think I've found my way
I wind up where I was before I left
I'm so far away...

From where I want to be
I need to know what I should do
And for the longest time
I have been calling out to you
Somewhere in the back of my mind
I search for answers
I can't seem to find the path
That's best for me
Oh, please help me to see!

I've felt your love since I was young
And I've always known where I come from
I am your son, I know just who I am
But sometimes I forget your plan
I'm so far away...
Track Name: Kent Loves Gig Harbor
Can we try? I've saved my best for you tonight
This is the very last day that I have alive.
Cause' without you here I die.
So don't tell me, cause' I already know that
Nothing in the world would mean a single thing,
Unless you are here with me and I've shared it with you.

I need to get these words out before I choke.
My room's on fire and the headboard to my bed is broken:
And so am I. From all these nights, that I've spent alone.
I should have known, if I let you in, into my heart,
that you'd be tearing it down from the start.

Grab a map to see how close we really are,
and pretend that I feel blessed, but I know that I'm not cause you're leaving.
Underneath the shade of this tree, please look me in the eyes
and tell me you love me because I need to hear that lie.

I need to get these words out before I choke.
My room's on fire and the headboard to my bed is broken.
Track Name: Starting Over New
Please tell me friend can you come back to me again?
Can you be there for me just like yesterday?
I have memories of how close you used to be,
And I'm praying that things can just get better.

Because, now i see the truth the world has construed.
Im so tired of the selfish things I've put before you.
Well, I'm ready to forget myself. It seems so hard but i know you'll help. Please help me give it all away.

Ill put my trust in you.
Please call me I'm starting over new.
Forgive me. I know I'll never go back there again.
Because, its you and me in the end.

Tonight I packed somethings the day before i leave.
I realized that there's less a young man needs.
I've put my favorite things into a dresser drawer.
I don't need them anymore.
Track Name: Anson's Song
As the night falls
Safe in my arms,
You look up to me with your eyes so heavy

Day fades away
Shadows, they play as
Dreams fill the air and they gently take you

When will you know
How much I love you
Still learning every day
When darkness comes
I’ll be right beside you
So you don’t have to fear at night
I’ll be the light that’s guiding you back home

Outside you play
I hear you laughing
Your voice pure and free takes flight on the breeze

I finally see
What people told me
Nothing in life can compare
Track Name: Best In Me
If I'm starting over I never forget
I'm moving forward without regrets
When I chose to follow you took my pain away
I boy my head and thank you each day

In the dark your light still shines
Your light, it leads me home

You see the best in me
You are my closest friend
Healing my broken heart again
When I have lost my way
You show me where to go
I owe you all I have and more
Because you saw the best in me before

You know my name and love me
I turn to you in need
You feel my soul with triumph and peace
Let my light grow brighter until that perfect day
When clouds and shadows wither away

I walked alone
A thousand prayers brought me home
And now I sing, sing for you!
And now I give my life to know you

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